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901 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

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    Ashley J
    April 17, 2024

    This place is horrible, anywhere else would be better than this complex. I left my apartment in immaculate condition upon move out after living here for 10 years. They are trying to charge me all kinds of fees, and say they don't have record of me paying a pet deposit. I have located my lease paperwork showing I did, so this better remedy it, and return my deposit. Good luck trying to get a hold of the office via phone, they never answer it. The apartments are infested with german cockroaches, doesn't matter how clean your apartment is or how much pest control you get they are everywhere. The maintenance here is a joke. Nothing gets fixed. My neighbors window was broken out after being hit by a bb from a bb gun. The complex put an ill fitting board in the window several days later and left it for 3 months until she finally decided to move out. The property is a mess, dog poop and flies everywhere, trash all over the parking lot and around the buildings. Homeless drug addicts roaming the complex day and night, getting into vacant apartments. Drug paraphernalia all over in the laundry room from them getting inside, and all over the parking lots. The washer and dryers hardly ever work. Loud music blasting from neighbors past 5am. They charged most of us the wrong rent when they switched to the new payment system, tried to say they couldn't find leases on file, that we were all on a month to month. When we showed them the printed lease they magically found the lease agreements in the system immediately. They will charge you nonsense fees on move out like carpet cleaning when the apartment you move out of is going to be fully renovated like my unit. 10 year old carpet is not going to be cleaned and left for a new tenant, even though mine was left in good condition. The management here has gotten so bad. Recommend avoiding any RPM Living complexes. Their BBB rating is a D+, bc all they do is lie, cheat, and scam their tenants! If you have another option go somewhere else. You will regret leasing here!

    gennesis serna
    December 08, 2023

    Moved in on September, and I am new Arizona resident. When I came across “Tides on Country,” I was delighted by how well-kept everything looked on complex. I toured a beautiful 1 bedroom with patio, and this is not what properties look like on the inside. (It’s a showroom) You will end up with a tarnished rental. My apartment was vacant for a couple of months, and the amount of dirt and roaches I’ve found is unacceptable. The property subcontracted a third party exterminator. Their visit was the most unprofessional service I have ever seen. A month post-visit, I have more roaches than ever. Additionally, there’s a homelessness and addiction problem around here. Don’t be surprised if you find panhandlers on premises at late hours. If you’re someone that’s considering this rental as an option, I would suggest you look away. There are rentals with better locations and at the same rate.

    Anthony R
    March 04, 2022

    I was a little unsure about this place prior to moving in (based on their old reviews), but it seems like this new management has really turned things around. The office staff is very communicative and easy to work with. I really enjoy having a nice basketball court on property - and the beautiful pool area. I see a lot of people talking about maintenance. In the beginning of my lease, maintenance was under staffed and it took a week for my shower drain to be replaced (I was obviously unhappy). But now that the office was able to fully staff their maintenance, there have been no issues. Update: My lease has ended and I am sad to be leaving. I truly had a very positive experience here. Darcy, Angelica and the office staff are the best

    Matt Churchill
    January 07, 2024

    In my opinion this place has the worst possible management. What shapes my opinion is that since I have lived here I have been without a water heater for 10 days. They said they were working on it but when I told them I would hire my own plumber and buy my own water heater at their expense they finally replaced it. Another item is when they sent the maintenance guy to drill the lock off my door to clean out my apartment. They called me while I was three hours away and said “Don’t be mad.” They then told me they thought I moved out because of the computer system. The maintenance guy tore up the door and left blood and they never made it right. They said the reason they drilled the deadbolt is because they didn't have my key. Which means they LOST MY KEY. I had my own deadbolt on there and presented them with a bill for a replacement deadbolt and for rekeying the other locks and for new keys. They signed for the bill but refuse to pay. I asked them to get me a lease to sign but they never did. They claimed it was sent to me and I never saw one. They said it should be on the app and it never showed. When I went to give noticed they threatened me with a $2200 fine for “Breaking the lease.” I am not breaking the lease, I am moving out at the end of the lease. No harm is coming to this place with so many vacancies. At this time they are claiming 15 vacancies, the apartment that they at one point were going to let me move into a year ago which is a mirror of what I am in now is still vacant a year later. Think really hard before moving here.

    Skyler Stevens
    April 02, 2024

    Do not move here. Management is completely unhelpful in EVERY capacity. The apartments are literally disgusting, people come to the back of the complex to constantly whip their cars around in the middle of the night. The laundry room sucks and the machines NEVER WORK. Save yourself months of trouble and look somewhere else. It is NOT worth it.

    Tides on Country Club

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    901 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

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