Maduro’s Fine Cigars and Tobacco East

1907 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

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4.6 / 5

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    Christian Wohl
    January 09, 2024

    Some bars sell cigars, and there are cigar bars. This will be your new cigar bar in the East Valley. I enjoy the opportunity to sit down with friends, family, and business connections in a relaxing setting. Maduro's is comfortable and inviting in every corner. Great seating everywhere with spacious room to stretch out and enjoy a conversation and smoke. The service and selection of cigars we receive each time is top shelf. Honestly, my knowledge of cigars is still in the early stages. It's nice to know that they want to help educate you and want to encourage new and younger folks to come try. They will help you find a taste that fits your palette. Every time is a little different for me, and their recommendations always hit the mark. I usually pick up some extra to throw in my humidor at home now. See you guys again soon, and thank you again for the great experience yesterday.

    Jonathan Gomez
    July 28, 2023

    First time visiting this shop. Layout of the lounge was nice. Purchased two Maduro and two Infused cigars. All the cigars I had gotten were dry. Each cigar had peeled and unraveled. Very disappointed in quality of cigars. Would not recommend or return.

    Harley Larz
    August 04, 2023

    Stopped in today, Friday about 2:30, didn’t expect a big crowd that early. Just a few people there. Mentioned to the guy that it was warm in here. Took my hygrometer and checked, 86* inside. Way too warm for me, I shouldn’t sweat while sitting inside. The humidor is sparse. I get it, middle of summer in AZ, let the stock run down, but not a lot of choices. I’m sure when the weather turns and the snow birds come back it will get fuller. Decent vibe, I’m a fan of low lights and soft music so you can actually talk to each other. Aside from the temp and the humidor, this has potential.

    Tim Li
    January 27, 2024

    This is the first time I am writing a review, positive or negative, for an establishment in several years. And honestly, it pains me to write this. Earlier in life, I had the pleasure of working in the retail premium cigar industry for almost a decade, and have visited many cigar shops around the world during and after my time in the industry. This evening, I had the displeasure of walking into this place after dinner, looking to restock my humidor. When I walked into the humidor, I was greeted by chaos. Cigars were disorganized, different vitolas of the same line were in different boxes and humidor was about three-quarter empty at best. One could probably find a better selection of cigars at some head shop down the street. After I selected the cigars I intended to purchase, I went up to the checkout counter to pay. I waited patiently at the checkout counter. From the time I stepped onto the premise of this establishment, during my entire time in the humidor and up until this point, I was never greeted, or even acknowledged, by the employee on duty. The employee was still busy chitchatting at the bar, presumably planning the impending arrival of some VIP (hint, she was not). With in a minute of me standing at the checkout counter, the sole employee on duty at the time and I made eye contact from across the room. After this interaction, she carried on the conversation for the next several minutes, while I stook, still patiently, at the checkout counter. Undoubtedly, after every important details of the VIP visit was hashed out, she came to the checkout counter to begin the checkout process. At that point, I simply lost the interest to make a purchase at this establishment and left. After the change of ownership several years ago, this cigar shop is a shell of its former self. It's really a shame really, as this is probably the closest cigar shop from my home. I have been a customer of this shop under the previous ownership and they welcomed me, even when I worked for their competitor. I watched this shop moved from their former location several miles away to the current location. I witnessed the change of ownership and the decline of this shop. Simply put, I will not return to this shop as long as it exists. In summary, I would not even recommend this cigar shop to my worst enemy, let alone my friends and fellow cigar smokers. You might find better customer service at the next closest Total Wine.

    December 28, 2023

    Large cigar shop with smoking section for all. Beverage counter with soda and beer. Some good non-alcoholic beers including Guinness. A number of TV screens showing sports. Some pipe tobacco and humidors. Lots of parking and friendly staff. Very low key place.

    Maduro’s Fine Cigars and Tobacco East

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    1907 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

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