Fast Layne Plumbing

About Fast Layne Plumbing

    Fast Layne Plumbing, established in Arizona by David and Brittney Layne, is more than just a plumbing company; it's a testament to overcoming challenges and making a positive impact. David, who grew up quickly under the care of a hardworking single mother, sought to break free from difficult circumstances and build a better life through mastering a skilled trade. His motivation to create a successful business took on new meaning with the birth of his son, fueling his desire to provide a life filled with opportunities he never had.

    Fast Layne Plumbing

    David and Brittney have been long-time supporters of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) awareness and fundraising, even before their son was diagnosed with ASD at age two. This personal connection to ASD deepened their commitment to the cause. Fast Layne Plumbing isn’t just about offering top-notch plumbing services; it’s also about raising awareness and supporting individuals with ASD and other disorders. David’s pledge, “Plumbing for a Purpose,” reflects his dedication to making a difference not only in his son’s life but in the broader community, combining professional excellence with a heartfelt mission to help others.

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