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    Payton Jones
    February 29, 2024

    Showed up for my 3:00 apt at 2:45. Waited an hour to be called back. They took my x-rays and sat me in a chair. Waited another 45 minutes and decided I’d try my luck elsewhere. Lots of people waiting in the lobby, but didn’t seem very busy in the back so don’t know why no one was being helped. I’d like to add that I am a dental assistant, and due to being understaffed I often take on many patients by myself. None of them have ever had to wait close to two hours to be seen. Ridiculous.

    January 14, 2024

    I came for my Appointment and the doors were locked, a lady in the front right desk was hiding to the side. We both made eye contact but she kept moving to the side. I even Called a 24/7 western dental customer service and they stated they don’t close till 4:30pm and their lunch hours are from 12-1 pm. The front desk lady even went out her way to close the blinds while I was standing outside. Not sure who’s running this place but it’s unprofessional don’t even want to imagine what kind of service I would have been provided. Corporate or someone with a higher position needs to prioritize this dental site, very unprofessional & sketchy never had this experience before!!

    Tammie Montano
    December 02, 2023

    I have gone to lots of different places for my dental care buy way far Western Dental has been the best front desk Manager Emily is so helpful great costumer service . Doctors helpers are the best an the Doctors there are the best I've yet came across. I would highly recommending them to all my friends am family . You want a great smile Western Dental puts a smile on your face . I wouldn't go any where else but there. Thank you Western Dental for changing my life an smile. I appreciate everything an your service that you gave me an I wouldn't be a happy person showing my smile if it wasn't for your service an practice in the dental world thank you again Western Dental your the best. TAMMIE MONTANO

    Delanie Jackson
    January 12, 2024

    This is the worst dental office I have ever been to. I came here because I recently moved to Arizona and was told by my previous dentist that I would need a root canal. After looking at my X-rays Dr.Colins told me that a root canal wouldn’t work and we would need to do an extraction. As soon as he left the room a dental assistant told me to go get a second opinion. I ended up going to an endodontist who did the root canal the same day with no complaints. I went back to Dr. Collins to get a crown put over the root canal and he was still insisting on doing an extraction. I immediately scheduled an appointment at a new dental office and they put a crown on the same day. A month later a receive an email stating that I have a balance of $441 for a crown that I never got. I have been receiving calls everyday for the past 2 months from this company trying to collect a payment for a service I never received. I’ve spoken to multiple people and this issue has still not been resolved. Please save your self the headache and go somewhere else.

    Cynthia Johnson
    December 19, 2023

    I made an appointment with them, but things changed. I needed to be seen immediately so I went elsewhere. I found out I need 3 teeth extracted immediately and have to have it done by a surgeon. I called back Western Dental to find out if they have surgeons and if I could reschedule for sooner. Took me 3 days to get someone on the phone, not at a location, at the call center. I explained the situation and asked if they have surgeons and full sedation. And then tried to get an answer. She never answered me except to say repeatedly I needed a referral. Which I know, and will get IF YOU HAVE SURGEONS AND FULL SEDATION! The referrals I was given were to Dr's that don't take my insurance. I will have them send you one. All I wanted was a yes or no, do ANY of your offices have surgeons and full sedation. YES or NO. After several minutes of this I finally canceled my appointment and hung up. If you want patients, answer simple questions with simple answers. You lost me as a patient. Anyone who has any fear or phobias with dentists should avoid this cookie cutter corporation. I am now looking for a different surgeon, who knows how to say yes or no.

    Western Dental & Orthodontics

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