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    Kris H
    December 05, 2023

    After some correspondence with management, they were able to accommodate me in a way that I appreciate. Everyone I had spoken to in this company were all really nice, that was never an issue, and perhaps somewhere along the line, communication fell short. I'm changing my one star to a five because of the timely responses and attention I have received, genuine apologies have been made and I feel that they've done the utmost of their ability to rectify the situation. Thank you. I am a single mom of two and have been looking for a place for me and my babies. I found one in my price range that I just fell in love with. After talking with Sheena and Savanna, I submitted my application. It completely took me by surprise when I was denied because I make just short of the THREE TIMES rent that they require. I made them aware of how much I make grossly before even applying. So after talking with them again, I added a second tenant and paid again for both applications. This person makes five times the rent alone, but after getting my hopes up and heart broken, Savanna denied me a second time because though my credit is good, we have no criminal history, no evictions, nothing on our records that should stop us... their credit was a little short of their liking. My credit and their pay, $205 later and the place is still on the market (75 days now) Both times I was the only applicant. Is that because they literally deny every one for anything? I have never had such a difficult time with any rental company. I could have used that money more usefully on my 7yr old and 15 month old than just giving it away like I feel like I have.

    april marie
    October 16, 2023

    Update: I was able to reach out to the manager after he reached out tarring the reviews I left. He was able to work with me and changing the inspection date and I really appreciate this with a lot going on right now and our complicated work schedules. Now leaving a 5 star review for the assistance as the manager was very helpful and communicative. I’ve dealt with many management companies and have never had a single problem with any of them. I have only had this management company for 13 days since my landlord changed companies and have had non stop issues. They also do not communicate well at all and take very long to reply to messages in the online portal. And if you try calling the lady says you can’t talk to anyone in those departments nor do they provide any info.. you can only write about it in the portal and wait for an answer. No time frames given what so ever. They do not seem to care about the tenants at all and sadly this affects good tenants that have been with the same landlord for years. And for inspections, they choose a day with as little notice as legally possible and have no desire for good customer service to work with the tenant if they need to change the date to work with your work schedule, etc.

    Angelica Rodriguez
    December 07, 2023

    Great employees! Was welcomed right away and got situated pretty quickly. Savannah was very polite and great on speaking on how everything will work! Excited to be leasing a rental home with Ultimate Properties .

    Seth Coates
    October 17, 2023

    Run away from this company as fast as you can. They will charge you for things that are THEIR mistake and take forever getting you the refund if you even get one. Been having problems with my a/c unit and for charged for having THEIR technician out here who stated the units were all working properly and in good condition. That was a joke because when I hired someone to do a second opinion they found one unit had almost no refrigerant another was low. Had to pay over $1000.00 to have it fixed and they refuse to reimburse me because I didn’t use their technician. Maybe if hired competent vendors their technician would have caught the issue. They look for any reason to charge you money. Dealing with them has been nothing short of a nightmare. Should change their name to SHADY PROPERTIES. Save yourself from the headache and ridiculous charges. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered people a gift card for leaving a 5star review because I highly doubt anyone has had a 5 star experience working with them

    Nerida Torres
    October 02, 2023

    We were looking for affordable housing but were unsure how to go about it. After speaking to someone, (big shout out to Ms. Sheena for her unlimited patience with me), we were able to have all of our concerns and questions answered in a simple, yet completely detailed manner. I was made very comfortable and secure in the manner that your company addresses the many issues that can arise with this process. We look forward to doing business with your company very soon. Thanks so much!

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    8518 W Deer Valley Rd #100, Peoria, AZ 85382, USA

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