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    Blast Blast
    October 14, 2023

    I've been getting Friday the 13th tattoos all over the country for the last four years or so. These folks, by far, have the best setup for this promotion ever. They also had a ton of great flash at different price points. Aaron hooked me up with a solid piece of flash and I booked an appointment with him for next week to get a piece he had on his wall of designs. So so so happy, I chose the folks at Traditional Ink after moving here a few weeks ago. Thanks folks for an awesome experience! UPDATE 10/2023 - Some 3.5 years later, I'm still going to see these folks for my ink. Seamus, Aaron, and Thor run a professional, immaculately clean shop. A few new artists have joined up recently. I got my most recent piece from Manny and the other skinny new kid with the oxblood Docs was super sweet. Also, I'm super stoked to see Alana slinging ink full time now. She's an amazing artist with a ton of talent.

    Running Rants
    August 07, 2023

    I went a year ago with 3 friends and I thought of this idea on my way there, in about 15 minutes. I gave the idea to my artist THOR and he came up with this amazing piece. He was extremely professional and fun to talk to for the hour or so this took. Great place and would go again.

    January 10, 2024

    Don't let them scam you into an aprenticship. I was paying THEM to be there and all they ever had me do was work counter and clean the shop. I was allowed to use my tattoo machine about three times in the three months I put into that place and they just expected me to start tattooing on people. The only artist who put time into my education quit because of how badly they where treating him. The owner made me clean out his camping rv and would never keep up on his promises to teach me any thing.The owner is completely unprofessional and borderline psychotic. Do not buy their house made ink it is not sanitary or safe. The owner makes it on his desk in the disgusting office that every one eats and smokes in. I am so mad I trusted these people for a quality learning environment. Half the artists are scratchers DO NOT waist your time here in any way I beg you. I would have given this place zero stars if I could. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope the owner gets pissed when he reads this. You waisted too much of my time and money. I hope your shop closes down.

    Hermelinda Rodriguez (Herme)
    October 17, 2023

    Love them. They do such a good job. You definitely don't have to worry about who's tattooing toy cause they are all fantastic

    Abram J
    August 04, 2022

    Been the only shop I’ve gone to for the past year. Everyone is literally in their element here and it shows. Like 90% of the time I walk in with barely an inkling of an idea of what I want and they articulate it and make it something better than I could even imagine. I have been tattooed by Thor, Aaron, & Kenny and I would trust them to do open heart surgery on me. All of their lines and colors are just so clean and timeless! That’s one of the biggest reasons why I love this shop and these people because never have I felt like they were just in it for the money, but rather because they love their craft. All of them take the time and help you personalize your tattoo and offer not knowledge but wisdom to things like what is this gunna look like in 5-10-20 years. Yea know I have gotten a majority of my work from the artist Kenny as well as my ear and nose piercings from him going back to when he was an apprentice and never once been dissatisfied with any of the work, from anyone for that matter!each artist has their own unique style so there’s something for everyone so that rad. The biggest appreciation to these guys for bringing the timeless values of traditional tattoos alto modern art and upstanding values all the way through. It feels like going to Olive Garden because when I walk through those doors each time I feel like family. Biggest shout out to Seamus for creating a place that I hold so near and dear to my head and keeping this art and craft what it is! All of the tattoos seen in the photos are done by each of these artist! So if your trying to decide where you want to go to get your first tattoo or your 100th tattoo, stop looking and just stop by and check it out!

    Traditional Ink

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    420 E Southern Ave #104, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA

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