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1107 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203, USA

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    Gena E
    February 20, 2017

    They have recently received new ownership. The new owners are allergic to freedom. You cannot have any outside furniture, no floor mats, nothing decorative even for the holidays, nothing in the windowsils and if someone parks in your covered spot and you don't have to towed the complex will charge you. It wasn't that great before but at least you had your freedoms.

    Rob B
    September 18, 2017

    I haven't had an issue since I got here. The staff have all been extremely nice! Also has one of the best maintanece men I've seen in a while, Fransico is always on time and no request never gets done!!! He is always getting work done and is an all around good dude.

    Christy Ann
    August 24, 2017

    As many people love saying this, it couldnt be more perfect for this place- "IF I COULD GIVE IT 0 STARS I WOULD...!" What apartment complex doesnt let you decorate outside of your apartment? Like seriously, no plants or doormats even??? God forbid anyone make it look a little nicer then it is right??? The people that have kids on the upper levels are have zero respect for their neighbors, were rude as fu** & just let them run and jump around inside AND outside of the complex at all hours of the day and night making the apartments shake including our ceiling fan in the bedroom! Which let me add, maintenance cant install safely or correctly and ours was hanging by one nail until my boyfriend fixed it. Our apartment made me more depressed then i have ever been in my entire life. I dont know what happened in the past there, but id like to know because it just had worst energy in got so bad that i literally stopped staying their and dreaded going home. I have never felt that way before in the 15 years of renting places to live, it was very weird and its not a good thing when you cant say that you feel comfortable and safe in your own home. Very creepy. The landlord is the most unprofessional, cold hearted person ive ever experienced out of all the ones i have had, once again in the 15 years of renting places. She has no understanding or heart what-so-ever, is too quick to try and evict you and basically treats tennants as if she is a D.O. in a jail not a landlord. We moved out a little later then planned because we didnt have anyone available to help us until the day we moved, got everything out except our kitchen table and spare bedroom bed and went back less then 24 hours later and the table was GONE. Just the table? So, i think it is safe to say that it was stolen by maintanance because it was a nice table and why was the bed left there AND nothing done to the apartment yet as far as "cleaning it out" for vacancy? My boyfriend contacted the "landlord" and all she said to him was that he was trespassing and if he goes on the property again she will have him arrested. No response when he told her that he wants our table back. Correct me if Im wrong but when you move out of any place, by law, all personal property that is left behind should be safe to get back FOR 30 DAYS AFTER MOVING OUT...So, now this place steals from ex-tennants on top of everything else? I guess its okay for them to break the law and then threaten to arrest you to TRY & protect their asses. I have been spoke to my parents and they have now been speaking to our family attorney about this matter since it was a table that had been in the family for a long long time and they are not happy at all. I know there is SO much more to say about this place but I think that what I have so far is more then enough to warn anyone -DO NOT RENT HERE- ...I am SO glad that we moved...not only that apartment complex/Mesa is terrible already but that area is just a mess in general as well. Oh yes, how could I forget the disgusting roach infestation...we spent no joke, almost $100 in sprays/traps AND had the exterminator come spray...we STILL had roaches. Gross...Save your time/money and sanity when you are hunting for a place to call home and just keep driving past this place!!! :)

    Trixie Rojas
    February 17, 2017

    Before was good now nope new owners n we can't breath here the owner no good feel like we n jail they don't let u know wen they turning off water they don't give u notice they only give u notice about kids n a quikness knocking at ur door n blames u for sumn or ur kids do n they don't go outside hope nobody else comes to rent here !!! DO NOT COME N RENT HERE ULL REGRET COMING HERE !!!!!

    Landscape Cement
    May 06, 2017

    To expensive ,dont even think of moving here. No freedon and its ugly

    Sunridge Manor Apartments

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    1107 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203, USA

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