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    Liz Garza
    June 18, 2024

    I would give 0 stars to this place! I went in yesterday to acquire information about the property and one of the employees helped me and let me know the qualifications to rent and in case I didn’t qualify he was able to help but deposit would of be a bit higher which we didn’t care. So my husband and did the application process and didn’t qualify so I called Santana to let him know and me thinking he was going to help because that’s what he said he would do for us, so I called to let him know and some answered telling me he wasn’t available for the rest of the day! Yea right he’s not available because we didn’t get approved and lied about helping us get into an apartment! We were willing to pay a bit more deposit the money wasn’t an issue! But these people have no heart and liars! Thank God we didn’t get in here anyways because I was reading the reviews and they’re bad! But fortunately for us we found something a lot better not furnished but a lot better than this place. God closes one window and opens another! People are so heartless and only talk to you when it’s convenient for them. Money hungry people at that leasing office. And I’m pretty sure someone from the office is going to reply to this message saying something so nice and hypocritical different from what they told me today. I don’t care and don’t reply back!

    Jardine Dela Cruz
    July 01, 2024

    I lived here for a few months until my building unfortunately caught on fire and I had to leave. But honestly this was the best apartment complex I lived at. Clean, peaceful, safe, I never had a problem living here and the office staff are attentive and friendly. I would live here again if I moved back to AZ.

    Gloria Lesso
    April 07, 2024

    Thank you for all the reviews to help me decide to rent here or not... I read the negative reviews because you probably paid those with good reviews... always read the negative reviews first... and by the way "Luxury" definition... the state of great comfort and extravagant living. "he lived a life of luxury" Your apartment complex is definitely not luxury....

    Alyssa Voll
    January 26, 2024

    If I can leave this place 0 stars I would. DO NOT RENT HERE THEY ARE SCAMMERS cupboards will fall off the hinges and they will just screw another hole until is completely stripped, also there dishwashers smell like rotten eggs water comes up and makes it smell I called and made several complaints they would sent there maintenance guys will a bottle to get rid of odor for dishwasher they never fix the solution, and there charging me now for a dishwasher I never even got to use because it smelled so bad I have pictures they have roaches that come from under the door I have videos…. Dog poop everywhere I just moved out they charge for things that are not in my control the cupboards were already stripped and they said “we can’t order new ones since they no longer hold them “ because there so old , there also trying to charge me for there cheap vinyl flooring that glues to the ground that is super cheap and thin and it will lift so they charge me $1661 to replace it they will nickel and dime you do not move here I promise It will save you a headache. I have people that live here now that hate it there this place needs to get shut down or get a completely different property management to run it.

    June 09, 2020

    This apartment complex is run by MEB management. However, the two individuals at the Apartments, Janet & Becky are two of the issues with this property. Traveling nurses, social workers, and other medical staff need to avoid renting an apartment at this complex. ( Along with anyone seeking a safe, secure & clean apartment complex.) Look at the pictures posted to see how this apartment complex deals with the many floods they have due to bad design and improper drainage. This along with the shear absurdity of the pictures posted by Stongate hopefully keeps the unsuspecting community at large away from this property. Check the crime statistics for this complex to see that as of 2020 there were crimes against people and property. Stonegate/ MEB needs to remove Janet & Becky before trying to make any changes at /or with the property. Look at the hours these two individuals work to see how absurd it is for people to rent from MEB management at Stongate Apartments. These two individuals have hours of work set aside for people working off wallstreet. With that explained, the crime, flooding issues, misleading photos advertising " Luxury Apartments " in my opinion should keep anyone, especially companies looking to place workers here away from this complex! Apparently, Stongate said in a reply to this review that they have resolved the flooding issues. This claim is false!I have video and more pictures taken in 2018 - 2020 showing the parking lot, and apartments flooded, At this point, if Stongate management continues to struggle with the facts I can produce more pictures along with videos to ensure anyone thinking about signing a lease is armed with facts and not the misrepresentations from Stongate! Do not walk away from a lease at Stongate Apartments, but run as fast as you can and don't look back! ( stay tuned more to come)

    Stonegate Furnished Apartments

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    825 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

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