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    e vigil
    April 02, 2024

    I recently moved into Residences on first. It's location is great. I love it here, it was a great choice. I highly recommend this apartment complex.

    Felecity Archibeque
    September 11, 2023

    I recently moved into Residences On First but before I made my decision, I weighed all options in the area as well as read the reviews. Originally I chose to move into the older building for cheaper rent but changed my mind after seeing an apartment in the new phase. The older building is still really nice but my budget allowed for the upgraded finishes and a newer apartment. Monique moved me in and I can’t say enough good things about how professional and smooth my experience has been. The reviews on line do not depict my experience, in fact, it has been quite the opposite. The apartments are very nice, yes the amenities are minimal compared to other properties but those things didn’t matter to me as much since I am single. The pool and clubhouse are very nice and well kept. If you’re looking for a great place to live, I would recommend 10/10. Monique is great!

    David Rems
    April 27, 2023

    I just wanted to take the time to say that I thoroughly enjoy living here. Moving in was a very simple process and the friendly staff made me feel at home. The sleek and modern design gave me the "up to date" feeling I was looking for. The pool is always well kept and maintenance staff always keeps the property well kept. The management teams attention to detail is impressive. Thanks Monique and Anna for taking care of me.

    kayla ellexson
    December 01, 2023

    I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND LIVING HERE! I felt compelled to share my very poor experience with this apartment complex, as I am still to this day dealing with lingering issues even after moving out in October 2023. In short, management (IF you are lucky to get ahold of them) is utterly unhelpful and can be quite rude - with the exception of Shyamala at the front desk - but she didn't start with the company until the month I moved out. I reported concern for TERMITES in my unit weeks before move out and was met with dismissal, a quick spray of the walls and then no follow up even after I shared additional pictures of evidence of termites 2 weeks after the spray was done. I had multiple work orders that were not resolved for months on end until I threatened to pursue further action according to the AZ Tenant Act. Construction noise was constantly occuring and blocked off many spaces available to park. The Parcel Pending service was being charged to residents but never, ever worked as promised. Many packages were stolen from my front door as a result. Rarely could we find anyone in the office to help or get ahold of anyone over the phone. The unit itself was nice and spacious. However, the property does not have amenities comparable to other complexes in the area in this price range. The community's stray cat population was well cared for by our neighbors but management had threated them with evictions for providing food and water and a safe space to roam. All of this said, I am still dealing with unfair charges of rent past the end of the leasing term with no followup in over 3 weeks. Pacificap Management happens to be under fire in New Mexico for concerns of unsafe living conditions, it isn't a coincidence that this complex is so poorly operated.

    Marissa Ramos
    September 07, 2023

    i have lived here for about 2 years. And it’s was ok maybe for the first two weeks..? For the past year there is no parking. not at 6am , 9am, 4pm, 7pm, 1am. NEVER PARKING. Maintenance manger will forever creep me out. My a/c went out 6months after moving in, i asked for maintenance to come check it out. When he came he said he would have come back later or tomorrow, I asked the maintenance man if he could call me 5 min before they enter my unit so i can be prepared (not on a work call, in class, or in home clothes) he replies with a creepy smile (in spanish) “i can enter whenever i want, i have the keys” then giggles. it was the creepiest thing ever. made me feel uneasy. i told management and Monique said “he’s our best employee he managers a few of our complex’s”…. like if that makes what he said ok.. If you plan on living on here as a single woman, please be cautious. I’m moving out, and recently brought this to Monique’s attn (as she’s the person i reported this to in the first place) I asked why nothing was done about it. In a condescending tone she asks “why bring this up now once you’re moving” and denies that i brought it up to her. Which is insane considering she was the only one working here 💀 I only brought it up because i don’t like issues with leasing while i’m living there. They did absolutely NOTHING. They used call themselves “luxury” they switched up to “MODERN” but it’s still pretty basic housing. No walk in closets. No assigned parking. No gym. Small patios. Small fridge. No storage space. Toddler sized bedrooms. You can hear your upstairs and down stairs neighbors. You can’t put anything on your patio either. Parcel boxes are maybe used 3/10 times. It’s a waste IMO. It’s a sketchy area of town, so there is a lot of homeless that hangout around the apts, yelling and leaving their paraphernalia on the stairs. The management team is 50/50. When we first moved in the office ppl were decent. Now i don’t know who’s in charge. I email everyone but never get a response, i have to nag them. We’ve had our water and electricity shut off for hours on end.Multiple times. And instead of discounting rent (surprise, ppl work from home!!), they decide to give out silly little apple bees gifts of 50$. Oh, and melted half scoop of ice cream 😂 it’s honestly hilarious how cheap people can be when they’re charging nearly 2,000$ for a 2bed 2bath.. I’ve seen great reviews for other downtown apartments. I would definitely check those out before even considering these.

    Residences on First

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    59 W 1st Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

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