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6555 E Southern Ave Suite 1002, Mesa, AZ 85206, USA

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    Laurel U
    January 02, 2024

    This is a nice and inexpensive place to see a movie. You can order your tickets and snacks at the same center counter when you walk in the door. Bathrooms are in need of some updates and more attentive cleaning. The rest of the theatre was updated a few years back and is clean. The reclining seats are comfortable and a great option depending on your personal preferences.

    Tori G
    January 18, 2024

    I come here maybe once a week sometimes twice if there’s a good movie or two out. Yesterday I went and got charged four times. We went in bought two tickets. The lady comes to our seats at the beginning of the movie asking if she could see our tickets or if we ‘forgot’ to buy tickets. She's says she checked out every other person in the theater and we were the only ones to use the kiosk and we had an extra person. Her and the other worker were too busy talking/gossiping about ‘the big boss’ laughing away and ignoring us. So we buy the tickets and go to our theater. I look at my bank and have 2 charges for tickets as there were only 2 people (myself and my partner). She asks if she can see, I do not want to let her see my bank account as I’m not sure what her motives were as she was extremely close trying to touch/grab my phone and wallet without my permission. Especially touching my wallet was a HUGE no no. The entire interaction was extremely rude and if I’m being honest she was talking to me as if I were a toddler. I know what I paid for. We go there every week. After I ask her to please speak to me out of the theater she goes to my partner completely disregarding my request. She then only talks to my partner explaining to him what’s going on, ignoring my interjections (I am a person of color, he is not). I try and let her know the charges are there it might be a fault in the system. I can go grab the tickets from the garbage if it’s that big of a deal. My partner tells her if it’s possible to check again as we have the charges for the movie. I talk it out to my partner not wanting to make a fuss, my partner goes to buy another ticket then is charged double again. I ask what we’re supposed to do about the double charge and she says she’d give us a refund. She was clearly the manager. It’s a disappointment to have someone like that who’s supposed to be a face of a company be so arrogant and rude. Well we went back after the movie and she was no where to be found. The bathrooms are always disgusting as well but it is a cheaper theater so just use the mall bathrooms. Again, they lost out on a consistent customer being unprofessional and essentially seeming to scam someone out of $20.

    Marsha Jarman
    October 05, 2023

    This is a hidden gem in a sea of movie theaters. The theater is approximately half of the cost of others. It makes going out affordable, especially Tuesdays. It's clean, including the restrooms. Concessions are affordable & good. Hot dogs are a buck & a half! We are a retired couple on a fixed income & have to watch our pennies more than we used to, so this is nice. I highly recommend this place.

    Alexander Bosko
    January 14, 2024

    Great theater for anyone who’s on a budget. Affordable too to see a newer movie or an old movie before it comes out to DVD or Blu-Ray. I recommend this theater for anyone wants to see a movie for a cheap price. Also on a low income as well I recommend this theater is helpful for those individuals strictly on a budget. It’s good to go in the mornings to get the best deal.

    Jorge Garcia Sr.
    June 25, 2022

    First time visit, watched Top Gun Maverick. This is why we rated 4 stars: The ticket buying process was easy and convenient, cheap prices and you get to pick your seats; front lobby was clean and open; employee was nice and filled our order quickly; the big tub of popcorn was great and delicious, a bit much for two, fyi; soda machines was nice; theater was clean and the red reclining seats were really comfortable; view was not obstructed at all; theater 6 screen had splatter towards the top right 3rd of the screen that was a bit distracting at times; during some quiet scenes you could hear the movie audio from the theater across the hall, also a bit distracting; men's bathroom needs some attention, dirty and some broken urinals. Overall, we had a good time and decent experience, a few things can be improved to help customer satisfaction and thus yield more visitors. Would return.

    Picture Show

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    6555 E Southern Ave Suite 1002, Mesa, AZ 85206, USA

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