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    Golfman 88
    November 21, 2023

    Waited a while to feel comfortable posting this. To sum it up, I know there are worse places to live, but this was really bad. Should have taken the hint the day I moved in when I saw a giant sewer roach walking on the ceiling. First we will start with the location. Honestly, mainstreet saves it. There's some good places for food, drinks, and fun. This is the biggest positive about the place. If you head the other direction there's a ton of homeless, besides the fire they put in the apartments dumpster, they are harmless. Community and amenities were just bad. Laundry room was always a mess and the components were ripped off the washer and dryer most likely due to the machines always being broken ant taking your money. The pools were closed the majority of my stay there. Nothing puts you in a good mood than walking by a bowl of sludge in the morning. The grills were also unusable and covered in tar and rust. No maintenance is the trend here. The security gate was functional for only two months since I've been here. This is how the dumpster fire happened and you will see trucks come in and dump most of the time. They did build a dog park, but feels like they are avoiding more pressing matters. Chiller unit: If the apartment you are looking at is operating off the chiller unit, do not go for it! We will start off with the chiller unit itself. There were so many problems with it and I promise you that in the summer you will not go below 81 degrees(see picture). I've approached the property manager non stop about this and it was always a low priority. Not to say they didn't send someone to look at it, but the thing is past its last leg. The blower in my apartment was also a hack job. The drain pan was completely rusted and they just slapped on another pan which resulted in a big leak in my apartment that ruined my computer. The plumbing: There is a major problem here that they keep throwing a bandaid on. Multiple times I've had raw sewage spew out of my kitchen sink and all over the kitchen. Normally this should be a simple approach, but I've had them take a whole week to send someone and that was only because I had to result to screaming and threatening to report the complex. Roaches: if you are a fan of different species of roaches, you are in luck. The most common one though is the sewer roach. They are gigantic and crawl in through the bath drain. When I asked if they can fix the drain plug, the property manager refused and had maintenance give me a mesh cap for the drain which did nothing since the roach just pushed it out of the way(the fact that I saw it was crazy) Bed Bugs: Biggest warning right now. This place is crawling with bed bugs. There was even a night where I woke up to a hatched nest crawling by my head. This was a battle that went on for a year. It honestly was one of the things that destroyed my relationship because my ex refused to come over. The pest control they used was a complete joke. Told me not to sleep in my room during the treatments which made things worse since now I've learned that bedbugs follow your breath and heat. They will say the bedbugs have been resolved but I promise you it has not. The cause of them is still there but I will not go into that. Communication: This was a big big problem. There was no consistency. Their idea of communication is to give you one notice of permission to enter and expect it to be valid all year. I've had two circumstances where someone walked in on me naked and the property manager blamed me. Imagine if I was an old woman or if there were kids. This was not ok. Not to mention the people that did walk in on me were supposed to be there two days before. This leads to the second problem of communicating. I've been told so many times someone was coming over and they didn't show. I work from home which means I have to cancel everything so that person can come in. I've been written up because of the amount of times I had to clear my calendar for this place. I ran out of characters to keep writing. I hope this helps someone though.

    Patricia Gilliard
    November 22, 2023

    I went for a tour here and it was great the young office lady helped a lot, answering all of my questions. The unit shown to me was beautiful, and the pool looked very relaxing. They showed me a renovated unit with stainless steel appliances and the living room was spacious. They also have killer prices!!

    Connie Rakestraw
    February 27, 2024

    Thier web sight is a joke and all lies. No granite counter tops, no stainless appliances and no security gates. There is probably 1 apt that looks like that, the rest are stuck in the 80's. old appliances too! You would figure for the rent they are charging, they could put some upgrades in these apartments but they don't. there is no maintenance and the managers staff has all quit, so nothing gets fixed and no one is taking care of the grounds. Our bathroom is constantly flooding, a/c wont turn off, stove won't stop heating... nothing gets fixed! Moving out as soon as I can I am giving u my 30 days notice acording to arizona state law.We will be gone by march6.

    Amanda Monroe
    October 16, 2023

    Lived here for 7 years. Everyone knows your business here, all your neighbors invade your privacy. It's like a sick Lil circus community. If I could have moved sooner I would but pennytree is not a place you want to live long. Lots of drugs and homeless people in the area make it unsafe even on property. Click roaches. Bed bugs. Invasive neighbors. Don't move here or you will soon learn what it's like to have no privacy and you'll realize I was right. Pennytee is no place to call home it's a last ditch place to rent if your broke but you get what you pay for and I was so happy once I got out of there. Now I live at a regular complex with normal neighbors who respect my privacy and aren't trying to get all up in my business. Stay away from here.

    Paul Rakestraw
    October 17, 2023

    Management stinks, no repairs being done. I and several other tennants have been waiting months to have repairs done. Management always says, parts are on back order, but how do they know what parts to order when no one has came to address the issue. Landscaping is in poor condition, dead and dieing plants, overgrown grass and weeds everywhere. No landscapers on payroll.

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