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    Jamie Sparrowgrove
    January 26, 2024

    I love this office. I have been going here for 13 years. The staff is friendly and organized. They always make sure I feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. The Dr's are some of the best I have experienced in dentistry. They also have great morning appointments, which are helpful for me and my work schedule. I recommend them to anyone that asks. A Plus!!!!!

    Suley Cortes
    November 14, 2023

    This review is for Sue, Dr. Glenn, and the office staff. When you walk into Drs of Smiles, you're greeted with a smile. 😊 The ladies at the front desk are always professional and accommodating. The office is always clean and decorated beautifully for the holidays. Sue is kind and seasoned in her profession. She made quick work of taking my annual x-rays and gently cleaned my tight teeth. I went to my appointment without make-up on as I'm used to the spraying of water around the face that happens during dental cleanings. To my surprise, water did not get spritzed on my face. Sue was thorough and diligent throughout the cleaning and pays great attention to detail. My teeth feel smooth and look great! Thanks Sue. Dr. Glenn is also a professional with great bedside manner. He listens to concerns, addresses them, and is lighthearted. I highly recommend this office.

    LaVerne Ellison
    January 04, 2024

    My visit was amazing. I had a good conversation with the nurse before the doctor came in. They are very very thorough, thoughtful and concern. There was a little humor with laughter which made me relax. The doctor was very gentle. I was scared at first of the shot , but I was very very satisfied when I left the office and I will return on my scheduled appointments. I would recommend Smiles dentistry to anyone that’s looking for a new dentist. They are the best so far. I went in as a new patient was waiting on the same day and had two filling filled. Thank you for your service.

    priscilla murphy
    February 08, 2023

    I first have to say that this is the best dentist that my husband and I have ever been to. You first walk into a cozy waiting room with chairs and a sofas. They have plenty of reading material, but the wait is never bad. I also have to add that their bathroom is always very clean and they have complimentary disposable toothbrushes in case you’re coming in after you eat. The staff is very friendly, and I mean the whole staff is nice…even the dentists. We personally see Dr. Dadero and he has been wonderful. My husband and I both were in need of a lot of dental work. We hadn’t gone to a dentist in a long time because we were under the impression that all dentists were dishonest, arrogant & price gouging people. We were referred to Drs of Smiles and I’m so glad we finally decided to try them out! They took X-rays, checked out our teeth and told us what we needed done. Since it was a lot that we both needed done, they sat with us and talked to us about how much everything was going to cost with our dental insurance. And their prices are very reasonable so even with everything we needed done the total cost wasn’t too bad. Then the work they do is amazing! They have given us hope that we can save our teeth, especially because they really know what they’re doing. Even the dental assistants know what they’re doing and they’re really great at their job. The dental hygienist does a wonderful job and definitely knows what she’s doing too. Everyone does their jobs great in that office. So I think it’s safe to say that I highly recommend Drs of Smiles to anyone. 😁

    Daisy Aston
    February 10, 2024

    I never I mean never write reviews. I had an awful traumatizing experience about 2 years ago here. I figured better late then never. I broke a piece of a tooth and immediatly made an appointment for the next day at Drs of smiles. I didnt have insurance but I did have 2,000 in cash to see if I can atleast pay a big chunk and than the remainder since its was an emegency. I need this tooth to chew! When I went back they said they are pulling it with no help of numbing drugs. They said since my credit line was denied thats the only choice. I was scared about my tooth since it was my first tooth to be pulled. They had me in the room pulling my tooth out for about 30 minutes (no drugs). At one point I could see my body twitching and the Dentist says "This tooth wont come out". It gets worse, the Dentist also had a teenage or young adult relative watching my agony without my consent.I'm assuming to train him. Seems like I was his guinea pig this day. When it was all done he said "wow that tooth was very healthy on the bottom". They did not stich it closed and just shoved cottonball up the massive hole left in my mouth. I felt less than human,The dentist had no empathy or care about the whole visit. Please dont go here if you have an emergency! it will traumatize you!They dont go according to anything but their plan and their agenda.

    Drs of Smiles

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    1056 S Val Vista Dr Suite 1, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA

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