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333 W Juanita Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

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    Sue Carbone
    December 10, 2023

    I wanted to give five stars but five stars mean perfect so I could not in all honesty give that kind of rating. However, this is a great hotel. Yes, it is not the Ritz, but it doesn't pretend to be. The important things are there: large clean rooms, good internet connection, clean common areas, nice amenities and a very reasonable price. And...they are pet friendly! They do charge a $25 fee which compared to some hotels is fair, but my personal belief is there shouldn't be any fee if the room is left clean. But, I digress. There were some tiny, minor things that could be improve upon: outside door to the hallway was not locked so that is a security problem; poor lighting in the room, and a more comfortable pet area would have been nice (the gravel is far too large and it hurts dogs' paws.) I will the review but saying this hotel far exceeded my expectations and I would gladly return in the future. Highly recommend!

    Kat Miclat
    February 06, 2024

    We checked in Feb 1st late night. The guy with the long dark hair at the front desk was friendly and helpful. Everything was great. The only reason I took off one star was because the microwave had a long black hair in it with crumbs.

    Josephine AbecillOgans
    October 25, 2023

    My husband and I came out to Arizona to watch our son play. It was a last minute trip. So we waited until we got here to book a hotel. We booked at a different hotel..Don't want to mention the horrible hotel but we checked out of that hotel as quickly as we checked in. We found Days Hotel but didn't check in until our son's game again. It was late, doors were locked but it was great to know that the place was secure and they also have security on duty. Friendly, helpful staff (From the front desk, security, maids, etc..). (Greeted us with a friendly smile. Listened to our stories about our son, lol) The rooms are big, clean and spacious. It was quiet too even though I saw a lot of kids in the morning in the breakfast dining area. The parking lot, entrance, the lobby, the hallways were clean. The best part for me was Starbucks is only a few feet away from the hotel. It's what they advertise and more. It's like a Holiday Inn without the high price.😁

    Ashleigh Grange
    January 22, 2024

    This hotel feels like lipstick on a pig. Attempts to dress up an older hotel with some recent updates, mostly in the lobby. Our room was mostly clean (but strands of hair on the towels) with soft but comfy beds, a mini fridge, and microwave. The bathroom was very small and aging, with an incredibly loud fan and a light switch that was punched out. You can hear other guests in the hallway but fortunately, the hotel didn't seem busy on this weekday night. I mostly booked this hotel for the pool & free breakfast. First the breakfast -- fortunately, the previous grab & go breakfast (that previously existed during pandemic times) has been replaced with a proper hot breakfast. The food is mediocre; mostly all pre-prepared. The pool courtyard looks nice with towering palms. If you enjoy polar bear dipping like I do, you'll love this pool! To be clear, it's unheated and ice cold. I went in but no one else in my family was brave enough. The hot tub was not much warmer than bath water. The jets are barely on and the tiling is in dire need of repair. It was also filthy with piles of dirt in the corners. The fitness room is small but serviceable with almost a dozen fitness equipment items. This is a nice addition if you like to use the gym while you travel. Be careful with the pool gate around young kids; it's quite heavy and will slam shut - it landed on the back of my foot as I left. Ouch! All in all, this "hotel" could benefit from some extra care and attention. It was definitely overpriced for what we paid and experienced.

    Susana Gastelum
    November 11, 2023

    Housekeeping is great, front desk was great and overall service was very pleasant and nice until I interacted with the manager, who lacks from all customer service skills. My room key wasn’t working and went to ask for it to be fixed, he asked me for an ID that was inside my room, he wanted to wake up my husband who has an important competition today and needed the sleep. I understand his justification about “security reasons” because my name was not on the reservation that I made and I paid and used my husband’s hotels app, but his unwillingness to find solutions instead of taking the easy path of becoming aggressive, is not correct for someone whose job is customer satisfaction. I also suggested him to check on the camera so he could see that I’m indeed staying here. I asked about the written policy about this topic and he again, very aggressive and disrespectful, asked me to “buy my own hotel”. I guess if I could do that, I wouldn’t be staying here. I’m not upset about him not giving me the key but about his lack of performance and for turning the situation into something it should have not escalate the way it did because of his attitude. Yes, I was able to get into my room after waking up my husband who will not perform the way he would have wanted to because I had to wake him up due to a hotel room key that didn’t work. To avoid this situations, I would recommend the hotel to ask for the names of everyone staying in the room, which we would have given you with no problem if asked for them during the reservation process or when checking in. I still have another night here and I really hope I don’t have to interact with this manager again, the rest of staff is quite nice and I will consider staying here again if it were not due to this experience that doesn’t seem to be an isolated situation, if I were the only person complaining about him, it could be me but there is more customers expressing similar concerns. Thanks, Susana Selig.

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