D Guccii’s Smoke Shop and Convenience Store

444 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

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    Steven Saunders
    February 24, 2024

    Don’t go here! Unless you want to get ripped off! They don’t know anything about their inventory, so if you go with questions and she starts giving you answers, she’s lying through her teeth.. I learned the hard way I took her word for one of her products opened it up come to find out it wasn’t what she said, and then I asked for a refund and she refused to give me a refund. This place won’t be open for long I guarantee that.** per your response, if I’m told the device is rechargeable and I’m unable to verify due to packaging. I’m going to trust in the customer service rep and what she is telling me is true. This is not a matter of personal preference. This is a matter of poor customer service. Once I opened up the package in the store, because that’s what the rep asked me to do. I immediately pointed out that it isn’t rechargeable. Then she told me to try it. So I did and the product was god awful. At which I asked for a refund. Then was told “no”. Personally because she expressed things about the product that later turned out to be incorrect I would have expressed excellent customer service and issues store credit so that I can go to a different product. But with your method of customer service you don’t have sympathy for your reps neglect in sponsorship of products selling items they no nothing about. A store credit for a different product would have been amazing. Just saying!

    sadie hidalgo
    March 01, 2024

    Sarah, the cashier is super friendly and helpful. She definitely made my day and is the reason I’ll be back. She does her job well and efficiently, all while providing great costumer service.

    Trevor Andrulis
    March 02, 2024

    Wonderfully pleasant customer service and great prices! Will definitely keep coming back to this store in the future!! 11 stars!!

    backyardrude production
    March 30, 2024

    This shop is awesome, cashier is friendly and know her product I definitely recommend this place.

    Todd Gifford
    August 24, 2023

    The staff uses the products and sells them as new!! DISGUSTING!! Wow, I bought 5 vapes and when I got home I noticed one 2 of them were missing the plastic wrapper on the box. When I opened them up the sticker covering the air hole and charging port was only covering one of the holes on the bottom. I compared this to the vape which came in the box that had the plastic wrap still on it and it was clear the product had been tampered with. When I went back and brought this to their attention the lady started yelling at me and told me she would give me a different vape that cost half the amount of money. She stated that no one who works there vapes and that I had used it. So let me get this straight? None of the employees at the smoke shop vape!!!

    D Guccii’s Smoke Shop and Convenience Store

    Our Address

    444 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

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