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    Joe B
    October 11, 2022

    It would be cool if they cleaned the blood and hair off the floor before bringing someone into their ER rooms. Brought my father in to find they put him in a room that had not been cleaned yet with Blood, Hair, and other gross stuff all over the floor. Along with holes in the walls, etc. It was also fantastic that there is absolutely no seating for visitors in the room! 5 hours in the ER ROOM with no seat and a filthy floor.

    Josh Hareid
    October 21, 2023

    Exceptional experience throughput the entire process. I had a bicuspid aortic valve replaced and most everyone from the beginning process stages to my release 5 days later was excellent, or better! The nurses and assistants are very attentive and I never had to wait, and usually I didnt even need to ask for anything as they were always present and asking if I needed anything, how im feeling... very caring and i never felt neglected. There was 1 nurse who, while good, didnt acknowledge my wife and son who were patiently waiting by my side in the ICU and made them feel in the way. They would always leave the room respectfully when she entered and she never even acknowledged them or offered them a place to sit until my 2nd day when they arrived. We understand you are working and we may be in your already crowded space, but the slightest amount of compassion tword visitors would go a long way. All other nurses in ICU were superb in this aspect. Shout out to Cody sorry for the rough night..., Rachael, Zack, Chelsie, Sarah in the ICU!!! Only other gripe about staff was on an overnight nurses aid in the recovery section. Skipping names here as Im quite sure he'll get what he has coming. Just a bad attitude, i hate my job, and i hate you kind of vibe from this guy and then he makes some prick comment on how many carbs were eating as my wife bought a couple fruit cups in the cafeteria. Maybe check the mirror there chunky-viagra-boy, before you talk smack to a guy who just had open heart surgery and who is essentially paying your salary. Other nurses in recovery were equally excellent, caring and attentive. Of course I was doing much better by then so not as much attention was required. Would recommend banner heart to anybody who has to endure this procedure, they'll help make it less painful in every way

    Michael Helm
    November 30, 2023

    Went here November 2023 around 8:30 pm. Because I am having an adverse reaction to the covid "vaccine" I took two years prior. I have developed symptoms of long covid. I never caught the covid virus, only took the phiser 2x jab. I went in with chest pains, shortness of breath, fatigue, and other body pains. This was the 3rd time I've been to an ER for this. Lately, my heart damage has progressed. When I try to sleep, my heart begins racing to over 200 beats per minute. I explained this to the ER staff. They just wanted to take my blood. Hooked me up to Ekg for about 1 minute and said everything looks normal. I said no, you need to keep me hooked up longer. I need about 30 minutes to start to doze off, and you will see my heart arrhythmia start racing. They say we are not a sleep study! He refused to hook me up to a heart monitor for more than 1 minute because my pulse while awake shows "normal". There are other people in this place lying in bed for hours on end. Hooked up to all kinds of machines. It's because I'm only 37 and look "healthy." These staff can read books just by looking at the cover. They only want to follow a procedure. Failure to give individualized attention based on specific needs. I'm still trying to find a medical facility that will look for my tachycardia arrhythmia, which is a life threatening condition! I explained all this to the staff, and yet they refuse to let my heart be monitored for more than a few minutes! I guess they don't care if I die in my sleep. The worst thing is... I have been told by several doctors that they don't "believe" in covid vaccine injury and suggest I'm suffering from anxiety! I'm a young muscular athletic man, how does that even make sense?!

    Alex Robinson
    January 20, 2024

    I lucked out and was there on a slow day and only for a minor work injury. Check in was easy, did not wait very long and was seen relatively quickly. Staff was polite and diligent.

    Heather Giesegh-Tusha
    June 09, 2023

    Everyone continues to amaze me here! My family have been coming here for generations for heart care, and they all continue to impress me. Try the Metro Deli if you have a bit of a wait. A nice quiet place to relax and grab a little bite to eat.

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