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    Stepfonie Matthews
    October 05, 2022

    I recently took my daughter to the ER for a fever she has had on and off for about a month now. The doctor was very thorough and ordered blood work and tests that I think were appropriate for her condition. I was not as happy with the ER nurse Amy, I only knew her name by looking at her badge and she did not tell me what interventions were going to be done until I asked. She also dropped an IV line on the ground (uncapped) and hooked it to my daughters line without cleaning it with alcohol before I could say anything. I did not appreciate that, but I casually unhooked it and cleaned it with a alcohol swab and hooked it back with no issues. I did appreciate her quickness and calm demeanor she displayed. She was sweet to my daughter and apologized for the things she HAD to do as a nurse. I realize no visit will EVER be perfect and she did a good job overall, along with have a student nurse for the day. Overall, I think this visit and hospital is great. I would bring my daughter back and son if needed. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who took care of my baby. You are all appreciated.

    Sam Rowley
    February 06, 2024

    This place has children sitting out in halls. Nursing staff is neglecting patients and do not care if they starve. I will be calling my lawyer to start a malpractice suite soon. My sister us there and they don't feed her all day until dinner and give her water. This is unacceptable.

    Courtney Bendel
    September 06, 2023

    While I’m currently sitting in the PICU with my son I thought I’d leave a review for the last two nurses who have helped take care of my son. Jenna the RT and Barb the RN were seriously so amazing. What my son is currently going through has me absolutely terrified but Barb did everything in her power to keep my up to date and informed on everything they were doing to my son as they were doing it. If I had a question, she would answer it without making me feel like I was annoying her and she always made sure I was comfortable and doing okay in regards to what my son is going through and for that, I appreciate and want her to be recognized for her thoughtfulness and professionalism. Jenna came in to work and get down to business and she did so in such a professional manner that I felt she, too, needed to be recognized.

    August 31, 2023

    We were there on 8/29 from about 930am til 3pm. This review is for all the staff that helped us that day. I can’t remember all of their names unfortunately but one woman’s name was Ann and I think another was Shae? Anyways we were helped by at least 5-7 female staff and all of them were amazing! My son had an infected tooth that caused half his face to swell up. They took such good care of him. When it was time to take his blood and put an IV on him it took 5 women to get him to be calm enough to do it. Not one of them showed signs of being annoyed with him, they were all so nice and so great with kids! Thank you guys so much! He’s doing so much better. Shout out to the all female staff that helped us on 8/29! I’m sorry I can’t name drop you all but you know who you are. Even the women who did the cat scan, my son freaked out & they were so patient. Thank you all!

    Beth Alberts
    September 12, 2023

    We were transferred to Cardon’s from Banner Goldfield and my son was supposed to have a room ready when we got there. After checking in, we waited over 2.5 hours. I checked the status one more time with the front desk and I got the impression from the staff members that we were forgotten about and got lost in the shuffle. They told me they were going to get him in right now. 15 minutes go by and we are still waiting. My son miraculously started feeling better so we ended up leaving and not getting care at Cardon’s. It was a horrible experience. I understand hospitals are overwhelmed these days, but come on! These are people’s lives you are dealing with and this is unacceptable. I am counting down the days that Phoenix Children’s opens by Mercy Gilbert.

    Banner Children’s at Desert

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