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    Cara Marceau
    April 23, 2023

    AZ Prime managed my rental property for around 5 years. I started using them after I had a horrible experience with another management company. They put excellent tenants into my house and were very responsive to my requests. All of the tenants they put in paid on time and were very respectful of my property. They were very organized and their online system was very user friendly and it was easy to get all the info I needed when I needed it. I was very happy with everyone I interacted with there and would still be using them if I was not attempting to sell my property.

    Ronald Lavisse
    June 02, 2023

    I would like to send a big thank you to the entire AZ PRIME team who have been managing my apartments for several years. They are all very professional and very responsive. I recently sold an apartment and AZ Prime helped me make this sale and did everything to make everything perfect. I am very happy to work with AZ Prime. AZ Prime you won't find better.

    Farrokh Mansouri
    August 16, 2023

    I have been working with AZ Prime for the last 3 years of years. They are fantastic! They are very professional and truth-worthy. They did everything from finding tenants, completing all repairs and even sales.

    Jaymie Deloso
    May 25, 2023

    **BEWARE OF THIS HORRIBLE, UNETHICAL COMPANY!!** If you are looking to rent, DO NOT rent with this company. This is a HORRIBLE, uneducated, unprofessional company that will literally steal money from you. They either are not aware of the Landlord Tenant Act and LAWS, or they simply do not care. They were going to let my landlord REFUSE to fix the AC unit which is ILLEGAL in Arizona. There were many issues with the property and when I submitted a request for a repair, they stated it was "caused by tenant" which it was not, but to get the $, they sent a second invoice ADDING "tenant caused" which WAS NOT on the first invoice. I have rented for over 10 years and have never had an issue with any previous landlords and property management companies. This company is so beyond horrible, renting this property has been a nightmare. The owner of the property is a slumlord in EVERY WAY and this company supports that 110%. It's not surprising that all their positive reviews are all from owners/landlords, because they are horrible and unethical to tenants- As you can see from multiple other poor reviews- which are all similar. The owner of the property "back charged me" $800+ for NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR (also explained in the Landlord Tenant Act and that any respectable and professional property management company would be aware of) and this company REFUSED to provide me the invoices before deducting it from my security deposit. They immediately deactivated my portal so that I could not access all correspondence and documents that were in the portal, stated they would send me what I needed via email and then of course REFUSED once I requested. This company is full of poor practice and completely unethical in so many ways it is disgusting. I highly recommend staying as far away as possible from working with this company. I wish I would have looked this company up prior to renting because I absolutely would have taken other's advice to not do so.

    Valeria Selene Solorio
    May 23, 2023

    ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! They don't pay their bills, force tenants to pay their late fees, lie and change the story ALL the time. The refused to fix the swamp cooler which leaked hundred of gallons of water a day and then made ME pay for all that usage!!! The worst part was how they would cover for the scumbag landlord. Even the workers they hired to come fix them would tell me shady the landlord is. The place I rented wasn't even legally up to code! I'll be reporting them to the city asap. I can literally write an entire book on how terrible this company was. I've never experienced such despicable people.

    AZ Prime Property Management located at Keller Williams Realty Phoenix

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