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    Josh S.
    September 03, 2020

    I was able to attend a showing of the Metallica concert at this location and I actually had a very good time. Unlike other reviews, the staff there were very professional, the access into to the facility was a bit confusing but not a huge issue. The venue was clean, the screen was nice and audio great through both the radio and the speakers throughout the venue. It wasn't a real concert but it was much better than not going to a concert? Would love to come see an actual movie here sometime.

    Cecil Baird
    July 12, 2020

    As I pulled into the venue I followed a line of 4 to 5 cars, at the front there was a gentleman presumably checking tickets. When he came to me he was clearly agitated and in a demeaning tone informed me that I have entered through the exit. I apologized and attempted to explain that due to the number of cars that made the same mistake, it would appear that the signs or traffic control barricades currently in use were ineffective. He continually spoke over me and refused to hear anything I had to say. Once I realized the discussion was going nowhere, I just dropped it and asked for him to direct me where to park. He did and as I began to drive away he shouted, "How about I just give you a refund!" If I didn't have 3 children in the car, I likely would have stopped and escalated to management at that point, but to avoid further conflict I drove into the venue. Later, he came up to my vehicle and asked me to turn off my headlights. I forgot about the automatic headlights and quickly corrected the issue. As I was doing so he continued to explain how I was wrong earlier, he was not wearing a mask and was within 6 feet of me (kind of defeats the social distancing movie experience), and the movie had already started. Again, to diffuse the situation, I let him speak his mind so he would leave. This individual made me feel as if he was doing me a favor by being in operation. I have never had such an altercation with an employee at any establishment. My family and I enjoyed the movie and experience, but the lack of professionalism of your employee was a prevailing theme. Once we got home I asked my daughter, who dressed up as a Pink Lady since we were watching Grease, said she had a great time except for "that guy." It just sucks that my children's first drive-in experience was marred by your employee's poor attitude.

    Tyler Franks
    September 28, 2020

    I visited Digital Drive In with my family last week to watch Toy Story. The entrance was a little confusing, but we got in ok. The picture quality of the screen is superb, and the audio quality is good enough that if you sit outside you will hear very well and will not need to use your car speakers. I would recommend bringing camping chairs if you don't have a truck (and even if you do). We all had a great time and plan to return soon.

    Anna Tran
    August 08, 2020

    The overall movie experience was okay overall, but the employee did not wear a mask and was standing close to my car. I had to rush to grab mine when I saw him approach. It would also be nice if the lights they had near the movies was dimmer, it was too bright to be able to focus.

    Phillip Jablonski
    August 16, 2020

    We backed our SUV in, opened the hatch, laid back and watched a movie. It was fun, the audio was great, we were out of the house! It was warm outside, but we didn't mind. Bring your own food and snacks. Not much for $$ concessions.

    AZ Digital Drive-IN

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    1901 N Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

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