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1155 S Power Rd STE 112B, Mesa, AZ 85206, USA

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    Katie Harwood
    February 09, 2024

    The tech and the dental hygienist were beyond friendly and knowledgeable. They were super helpful and explained everything clearly and respectfully. I felt like the dentist, however, could’ve been significantly more courteous and helpful, but his condescending attitude and general bedside manner pretty much had me running for the door.

    Christina Phillips
    February 02, 2024

    If you're like me, you dislike and are likely afraid to go to the dentist! Fear of how much it's going to cost and fear of the mouth pain! Here at the Power Rd location in Mesa I've found comfort in both. Kelly, as part of the billing team has put my mind at ease giving me current information on my payment/insurance information. I've had two very good dental hygienists, Alyssia and Jackie. They both gave me the preparedness of what procedure will be next. The dentist ... awesome! He kept me comfortable throughout the full procedure. Basically, the staff at the Power Road office are "good" people! I go back in April and I'm not afraid!

    Lisa Franklin
    November 10, 2023

    This place is awesome 🤩 My mom went to an appointment a week early and she doesn’t drive so she was just going to wait until the Uber could pick her up an hour and a half later. I was at work and was not getting any messages from Aspen alerting me of the situation. As it turned out, a hygienist named Marsha was our angel that day and chose to give up her lunch break to take care of my mom. Who does this nowadays? Mom was so happy and I was really touched my Marsha’s unbelievable kindness and concern for my elderly mom. The customer service and quality of care at this Aspen is exceptional.

    Real Mongolian Hours
    October 16, 2023

    I have had an amazing experience so far and the staff is extremely accommodating! I have crohns and experienced an attack during my first visit and the staff was more concerned than I've ever seen anyone at my condition. The front desk, x-ray tech girls, and Dr.Josh were amazing as well as the Girl who cleaned my teeth on my second visit! She was incredibly efficient, measured, and I felt no pain despite not having a cleaning in 7+ years, Professional as can be. Thanks for helping me get back on track Dr. Josh and the aspen team!

    Morgan Keime
    January 07, 2024

    Aspen is awful and they lie. They only exist to make money, they do not care about people and they do not care about your dental health. I have healthy gums and teeth. I have multiple hygienist in my family/friend circle who clean my teeth regularly over the last several years. My insurance changed so I couldn’t go to their practice. I chose to go to ASPEN. They scaled my gums and measured 4s and 5s. The hygienist did is SO fast, the assistant could hardly type, I couldn’t even feel her probe stick thing on my gums, she was literally just saying made up numbers. There is no way she could have read the small millimeters that fast and been accurate. They told me I have infected gums, gingivitis and needed a deep cleaning. This would have cost me 400+ dollars after my insurance. I asked if they would please just do a normal cleaning like I knew I needed. They denied me, saying they could give me a deep cleaning or nothing at all. I asked twice more for a regular cleaning. The dentist and hygienist were cold and almost sounded like they were using scripts. They were definitely in cahoots on what to say to patients to trick them. I told them I would rather leave then have them “treat” my “infection” that wasn’t there. They seem surprised that they weren’t able to take advantage of me, a young female patient. I left crying out of frustration from being lied to my face and not being listened to. Less than 24 hours later I went to a different dentist, a place I had been before for many years, and just decided it would be worth it to do cash pay since they don’t accept my insurance plan. They scaled my gums just like ASPEN did, but this time I got the truth. Mostly 2’s when measuring my gums. No infection. No 5’s like the lying hygienist at ASPEN said. I do not have infected gums. I do not have gingevitis. Aspen tells all of the patients their teeth are far worse than the truth only to get money. It is awful and I will actively make sure no one I know in my community goes to ASPEN. I am glad I left Aspen crying and made a new appointment for the very next day for a second opinion from a practice I trust. I will never trust Aspen.

    Aspen Dental

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    1155 S Power Rd STE 112B, Mesa, AZ 85206, USA

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